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Pocket-sized Korean makeup kit

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You are on way to the office and you want to touch-up your makeup, but you also don’t want to be carrying all your makeup products in your bag. So, what do you do? You can get a pocket-sized Korean makeup kit so your bag is not full of makeup products. And you can still touch-up your makeup!

A Korean brand, BLESSED MOON, has introduced the Blemoon Kit. It is a perfect travel-friendly and portable compact kit that can be easily fit into a handbag. Just whip it out and you can easily take care of your makeup requirements.

Blemoon Kit

The Blemoon Kit comes in a sleek box with a matching box. The compact has a soft touch silicone coating with a matte finish exterior. With its clean and sleek lines, you will not want to put it down and show off to everyone around you!

Right now, it comes in four editions – Rocovely, Melomance, Charmred, and Jamong Juicy. Both editions are also available in black cases.

Each case has a foundation, two eye shadows, a blush, and a lip colour. The compact has a fitted slim mirror. It also has a compartment for eyeliner pencil and an eye-shadow brush (dual-end) on the edge.


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파운데이션/치크/섀도우2종/립/아이라이너/브러쉬까지 파우치 속 화장품을 하나에 옮겨담은 블문킷 😋♥ ㅤㅤ 모든 여성들의 로망인 커스터마이징 키트 ! 휴대폰 어플을 다운 받듯이 개인의 취향에 맞는 아이템들만 쏙쏙 모아 나만의 키트를 만들어 보세요 🙂 ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ Foundation / Blush / Two Shadows / Lip / Eye Liner / Brush all in one kit! 😋 ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ Customizing kit for all women’s romance! Make your own kit by collecting only the items that fit your personal taste 🙂 ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ #블레스문 #블문킷 #파운데이션 #치크 #아이섀도우 #립 #립스틱 #아이라이너 #코스메틱 #코덕 #화장품 #cosmetics #makeup #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #mlbb #motd #ootd #daily #dailymakeup #beauty #kbeauty #kpop #bts #mood #model #blessedmoon #いいね #相互フォロー #かんこく

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You might worry that as the packs are smaller, they will get over soon and you have to throw away the case. But, they have solved that too! At the moment, there are lip refills and blush refills available for this kit. You can turn the compact into a lip and cheek kit with the refills.


It comes with a foundation that can adjust your skin tone and make it brighter. Overall, the tones are in the range of dusk rose hues and warm caramel brown with muted rose gold shades.


This one is a vibrant shade kit that can create a bright and vivid look. It has an array of peach, vibrant coral, gold, and vermillion shades. They are inspired by grapefruit (Jamong in Korean).


A femme fatale charm with burgundy party queen themed shades. The colours are autumn inspired like plum pink and reddish-brown shades.


This Blemoon Kit has a range of elegant and warm shades of red to give you a feminine makeup.


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ㅤ SHE IS SO BLESSED ! ✨ #blessedmoon #blemoonkit #블문킷

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Not only these, but you can also even customize your own kit. You can create your own kit by choosing the refills you like. And it is as easy as downloading an application and choosing colours based on your preference.

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