Five Books For Learning The Korean Language

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We all know that languages are the primary means of communication of humans and can convey through verbal and non-verbal (i.e., speech, signs, or writing). Studying a new language is an even more challenging task for someone who does not have knowledge and ideas about the alphabet, background, and culture of that particular language. Studying the Korean language is more challenging and fascinating than studying other languages because Korea has an ancient culture. 

The language’s vocabulary is already boundless; new generations of Koreans continue to create and add new words (neologisms) day by day. In this way, they update their language to reflect new trends and new social phenomena. It takes years to become fluent and pronounce the language well enough to be understood. But don’t be discouraged. After a few weeks of study, you will start to recognize words, make sentences, and have simple (but miraculous) conversations with other Korean speakers.

These Korean textbooks are carefully selected for non-Korean speakers. This is why it will be fairly easy to learn the basic Korean language from these textbooks. The publishers of these books are Korean teachers and experts who know effective ways to teach language. 

These are the Five excellent Korean books that will help you in learning the Korean language.

1.    Ewha Korean 

This series of textbooks from Ewha Woman’s University is the best book for learning Korean languages. It is explained step by step to understand and is approachable for the learners. Each unit is divided into topics that are relevant in the context of the learning process. Moreover, one can easily understand by studying themselves, and the book is used worldwide. 

2. My Korean 1

My Korean 1 is one of the best textbooks for learning the Korean language, which is also free online. The book also comes in PDF form, where buyers also get the audio version of the textbook. Apart from that, the book also has a four-skill approach to learning Korean using dialogues, comics, and easy grammar explanations. Moreover, the content or the unit of this book connects seamlessly with each other. As a result, learners can glimpse what they will work on in the upcoming chapters and understand everything better. The books add stunning visuals that grab the students’ attention right away. Above all, everything is written in My Korean 1 and available in Korean and English. 

3.    Integrated Korean

Integrated Korean is a popular books series for learning the Korean language, and it has performance-based principles and utilities to improve learning. These utilities improve contextualization, authentic materials, and balance between acquiring skills and using them effectively. Chapters of Integrated Korean emphasize dialogues with 15 to 20 vocabulary words. The dialogue consists of people using vocabulary and grammar points. As a result, learners can get a good brief about what they will be working with when reading Integrated Korean. 

4.    Once Upon a Time in Korea

This book is a colorful and visual-based textbook that uses stories to showcase Korean culture. This book is perfect for beginners who are looking forward to strengthening their knowledge of the Korean language. With that being said, this book is more suitable for people who know basic Korean grammar. The story is well written with carefully selected Korean vocabulary so that beginners can understand it without a problem. This book does not lose its original meaning but uses easy Korean vocabulary. Apart from that, each story contains a list of Korean vocabulary and cultural notes. 

5.    Seoul National University’s Korean

Seoul National University (SNU) has a comprehensive Korean textbook series which is an excellent balance of structure, fun, and rich content. This textbook is designed to learn Korean effectively. It is also suitable for self-study and takes you through Korean grammar without compromising vocabulary. 


With modern science and technology development, one can learn from the internet with free courses and unlimited resources, use flashcards, join language exchange communities, watch Korean drama, and listen to or discover K-Pop songsLastly, practicing daily will make you perfect.

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