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Who’s the Designer? NewJeans Exquisite Hanbok for 2024 Korea On Stage

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Members of the Kpop group NewJeans were wearing a set of exquisite hanbok costumes during their stage performance at 2024 Korea On Stage. While their performance was completely mesmerizing, aren’t you just curious about the designer behind the breathtaking hanbok that NewJeans was wearing? So were we! That’s why today we’re going to spill everything about the designer of NewJeans’ hanbok costumes at 2024 Korea On Stage!

NewJeans Performs Wearing Exquisite Hanbok at 2024 Korea On Stage

The 4th generation Kpop girl group shaking the music industry with the company’s dispute, NewJeans, continues to cement its presence in South Korea’s entertainment business.

On May 21, NewJeans delivered a series of breathtaking stage performances at the 2024 Korea On Stage. The Kpop 4th generation rookie has once again marked their name as the first Kpop girl group to ever perform at the Geunjeongjeon Hall of South Korea’s treasured Gyeongbokgung Palace.

While the performance itself was truly mesmerizing, our eyes were more attracted to the hanbok costumes that NewJeans members were wearing. The hanbok NewJeans was wearing, particularly for the “Cool with You” performance, was extremely iconic and beautiful! The pastel color and its flowy design made NewJeans members look like fairies dancing under the moonlight.

Moreover, when you look closer at the details, NewJeans hanbok costumes at 2024 Korea On Stage feature a modern and ethereal design. It blends traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. As the perfect fusion of traditional Korean attire and modern fashion, the designs are visually striking and practical. And that was extremely crucial for NewJeans’ special stage.

The Genius Korean Designer: Seodamhwa

Hence, it brings us to the question: who was the genius designer behind NewJeans hanbok costumes for 2024 Korea on Stage?

The answer is Seodamhwa, one of South Korea’s most famous hanbok designers.

Seodamhwa Hanbok is a notable Hanbok brand located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. The brand is famous for its refined and elegant designs. Not only that but Seodamhwa often features a monochromatic color scheme of black and white to convey a sophisticated atmosphere.

Recently, the genius hanbok designer became the highlight of a fashion show. The show was called “Hojeobmong” (Butterfly Dream) at the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, showcasing its subtle and artistic designs​.

In the latest statement, Seodamhwa posted about their memorable experience in working on NewJeans hanbok for 2024 Korea On Stage. The genius Korean designer further revealed that the hanbok costumes NewJeans wore for the stage were original and without modifications.

“NewJeans wore the Hanbok jacket without any modifications on stage.

In my memory, there was no stage where a girl idol learned about the historical references and motifs of the skirt and wore it as it was…”


Finally, if you wish to purchase the beautiful hanboks made by Seodamhwa, you can always get them at their official store in Gangnam, Seoul. You can also visit the designer’s official website and buy them online.

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