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All You Need to Know About Korean BB Creams

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Korean BB creams have taken the segment of skincare and beauty by storm ever since its launch. The best part about these creams is that they blend skincare with makeup to provide you with a flawless, beautiful complexion. Apart from this, these creams are formulated using the finest natural ingredients that benefit the skin. 

The main purpose of these creams is not only limited to makeup but also helps to repair the skin along with the benefits of sunscreen and lightweight moisturizer. If you do not like to wear heavy makeup, then these creams are made for you. Korean BB creams are mainly popular for delivering a dewy makeup look on the skin along with a radiant glow. These creams provide medium coverage on the skin complexion and also assist in resolving several skin issues.

How to use them?

Korean BB creams get blended properly into the skin, giving a dewy matte finish, as if it is your second skin. These creams come along with an easy application formula; all you need to do is prep your skin for long-lasting effects. 

The first step is to clean your face using a good quality cleanser, depending on your skin type and then apply a primer. Take a few drops of the BB cream onto your palm and massage evenly onto your skin. Additionally, you can even use a foundation brush or a makeup blender to apply the BB cream for an even finish. If your skin is too oily, then you should use a setting translucent or loose powder to finish your look.

Benefits of Korean BB Creams

Korean BB creams are loaded with several skin benefits. In short, this ultimate beauty product provides your skin with all the essential care required to maintain a healthy, bright, and clear complexion.


Korean BB creams contain natural moisturizing agents that get absorbed deep within the skin. You can even use these creams as lightweight tinted moisturizer on the days when you are too lazy to apply anything on your face.

Hydrating and Soothing

Many times, our skin looks dull, dehydrated, and dry. The probable reason behind this is the lack of hydration for the skin. Korean BB creams hydrate and soothe your skin, giving it a refreshed and rejuvenated look. It also helps in controlling the secretion of sebum on the skin. Besides this, these creams do not even cause skin irritation or redness.

Skin Repair

Being a Korean beauty product, these BB creams contain effective ingredients that are known to stimulate the process of skin repair and also promote the growth of collagen on the skin. Besides this, they also help in improving the texture of the skin.

Sun Protection

The Korean BB creams come along with a high SPF infused in their formulation to protect the skin from sun damage. These creams would give you the benefits of sunscreen along with a natural-looking makeup finish.

Conceals Skin Imperfections

BB creams, also known as Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, are effective in concealing and improving several skin imperfections, such as blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation, skin discoloration, acne, and dark spots. You can even use a Korean BB cream as a concealer if you do not want to wear heavy makeup.

Anti-aging benefits

Korean BB creams contain anti-aging properties that help in reducing the signs of aging, thereby giving you youthful skin along with a healthy glow. These creams are infused with several ingredients that are known to slow down the aging process on the skin and also promote the growth of healthy cells.

Brightens and Whitens

Korean BB cream instantly brightens and whitens the skin for the beautiful complexion that you have always longed for. It helps improve the skin complexion to give you a mesmerizing look that would turn heads for you.

Medium Skin Coverage

Korean BB creams would come to your rescue on the days when you do not feel like wearing a foundation or heavy makeup on your skin. These cream provide medium skin coverage and a smooth finish without making it look cakey. This cream is an excellent makeup product that feels lightweight on the skin.

Common Ingredients to Look for in Korean BB Creams

It is a well-known fact that Korean skincare has always emphasized on using the finest natural and botanical ingredients to maintain the true beauty and charm of your skin. If you are thinking of including a Korean BB cream in the list of your beauty essentials, then make sure to look for the following ingredients to make a wise choice.

Chamomile or Rosemary ExtractsSoothes and rejuvenates the skin
Zinc OxideProtects the skin from abrasions, mild irritation and prevents skin redness
BeeswaxSoftens and smoothens the skin, thereby healing the skin issues
Titanium OxideImproves skin elasticity and promotes collagen
CeramidesRepairs and replenishes the skin
ArbutinWhitens the skin and reduces the production of melanin
SeaweedControls the production of oil on the skin
Peppermint ExtractDelivers a cooling and calming effect on the skin
AloeIt soothes, heals, protects, and rejuvenates the skin
Gingko BilobaReduces the signs of aging 
Snail MucinHydrates and rejuvenates the skin
Papaya ExtractLightens the skin and reduces the pigmentation
AdenosineStimulates the skin restoration process

Things to Consider

Before you buy a Korean BB cream for yourself, there are various things that you need to look for as it would benefit your skin in the most possible way. The following are the few factors that you need to consider while choosing a BB cream.

Sun Protection

It is one of the pivotal things to look for in a BB cream, as the sun damage is the root cause of several skin issues. Go for a BB cream that has SPF ranging from 30-50 for providing your skin with optimum protection against harmful UV rays. If your BB cream lacks an ideal SPF, you would also have to apply sunscreen to combat sun damage.


Most BB creams offer light to medium coverage; these cannot be replaced with your foundation if you are looking for a high-coverage makeup look. These creams are more beneficial during summer when you do not want to apply a lot of cream on your face. You can pair your BB cream with your foundation to get the desired makeup look.

korean bb creams


Generally, Korean BB creams are renowned for delivering a dewy makeup look on the skin. If you have extremely dry skin, then go for the BB creams that give a hydrated and dewy finish instead of matte.


Ingredients play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of the BB cream for your skin. However, look for particular ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, zinc oxide, beeswax, and snail mucin as they have amazing healing and soothing properties that make them safe for all skin types, especially sensitive and oily ones.


Each skin type is different, and so are their requirements for staying healthily beautiful. Korean BB creams come in different formulations; you must choose them according to your skin type. However, choosing the wrong one could leave patches on your skin, which is why check whether the formula of the BB cream would suit your skin or not.

If you are having oily skin, then Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream would be great for you whereas, for dry skin, SKIN79 Super Plus Blemish Balm and Mizon BB Cream Snail Repair Blemish Balm would be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, then MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF 42 would be good for you. MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream with SPF 25 would be effective for normal skin tones. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Korean BB Creams

Q. Can BB cream make my skin dry? How can I overcome it?

Some BB creams come along with a heavy formulation that tends to make skin dry. To overcome this problem, apply a moisturizer before BB cream to prevent your skin from drying out.

Q. What if the shade of the BB cream does not match my skin tone?

Unlike foundations, BB creams do not come in diverse shades to match every skin tone. Therefore, if you feel that the shade of the BB cream does not match the color of your skin complexion, there is no need to discard it. Instead, you can use the BB cream by mixing it along with your moisturizer or foundation to get an even finish on the skin. 

Q. Is BB cream suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin?

Yes, BB creams can also be applied to sensitive and allergy-prone skins without fearing allergic reactions. These creams contain ingredients, such as Zinc Oxide and Aloe, that are effective in soothing the skin, thereby keeping skin irritation, allergy, and redness at bay.

Q. Can these creams be applied every day?

Korean BB creams are specifically crafted for everyday use. However, these creams should not be included in your night skincare routine. Such creams are good for application in the daytime when your skin is exposed to certain environmental factors.

Wrap Up

The Korean BB creams have completely revolutionized the beauty and skincare segment. These creams have made it possible to get the benefits of both makeup and skincare in one product. Besides this, these ultimate effective creams provide your skin with the finest beauty ingredients that work wonders for the skin.

Check out tomorrow’s post for top 10 Korean BB creams.

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