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Unlock That Lucious Secrets with Best Korean Lipsticks for Dry Lips (2024 Update)

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling and searching for that perfect lipstick that can give you both a pop of color and a cure for those pesky, dry lips? Well, your search ends right here, right now! We have handpicked a curated selection of the 5 best Korean lipsticks specially designed for dry lips in 2024. They will not only give you a splash of color but also that satisfying, hydrating hug. That way, your pout will stay plush, moisturized, and absolutely irresistible. So, let’s unlock the secret to that perfect, dewy pout together and get ready to meet your lip’s dearest new besties!

The Secret to that Plump and Luscious Look

Before diving into our curated list of 2024 best Korean lipsticks for dry lips, you should really understand the secrets behind those luscious lips of Korean artists. It all really boils down to these five crucial essences.

Choose 2024 Best Korean Lipsticks with These Crucial Features for Dry Lips

Please remember that you cannot just handpick or click through whatever product comes first to your mind. That is because dry lips treatment can be tricky, and you need special care when you purchase your beauty products. That is why if you have dry lips, make sure that your lipsticks feature these crucial characteristics:

Hydrating Ingredients

Firstly, you must make sure that your lipsticks feature hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, and vitamin E. These will help trigger and maintain the moisture in your lip so they will not dry out.

Oils and Butters

Secondly, natural oils (like jojoba, almond, coconut, or argan oil) and kinds of butter (such as shea butter and cocoa butter) will surely be excellent for deeply moisturizing your lips. Not only that, but these ingredients also give the lipstick a smoother, creamier texture, making application easier on dry lips.

SPF Protection

Thirdly, you should remember that your lip is also vulnerable to sun damage. Long exposure to the sun will only worsen its dryness, making it uncomfortable for you. Therefore, make sure to choose the best Korean lipsticks with SPF to protect your dry lips from harmful UV rays.

Matte but Moisturizing

Normally, we would like to suggest that you avoid matte finishing altogether. However, with the recent developments in technology, there are lipsticks with matte finishing that feature moisturizing ingredients. Just make sure that your best lipsticks provide the above crucial features to prevent your dry lips from further damage.

Pay Attention to Several Contents

Finally, you should also pay attention to avoiding lipsticks that feature high alcohol content, menthol, camphor, and salicylic acid. They will only result in worse drying or irritation to your dry and sensitive lips.

Best 2024 Products to Achieve that Plump and Luscious Look

ETUDE House Glass Tinting Lips

Keeping your lips away from dryness with glossy and rich color, ETUDE House’s Glass Tinting Lips is one of the must-have products. It features various healthy ingredients for your lips, and they also come with cute little cases you can mix and match according to your style! Get one right now from Amazon!

Best korean lipsticks 2024 for dry lips

3CE Mood Recipe

As we previously said, you don’t have to necessarily avoid matte finishing. There are various Korean lipsticks for dry lips in 2024 that offer a matte look but still keep your lips moisturized. One of these products is 3CE Mood Recipe.

Featuring a variety of waxes and oils, including beeswax and argan oil, this product is perfect if you’re looking to stay matte without worsening your dry lip condition. They will keep your lips hydrated and healthy with vitamin E and various other healthy ingredients.

Best korean lipsticks 2024 for dry lips

rom&nd Lip Mate Pencil

Unlock the secret to that plump and luscious smudge with rom&nd Lip Mate Pencil. This product will give your dry lips an upgraded natural and healthy look. Not only that, but this lipstick also comes with its own lip brush for better precision.

Combine this product with the best Korean lip tints or use it independently. It works in whatever style you like most!

Best korean lipsticks 2024 for dry lips

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Lip Color

Get rid of your dry lips and channel your inner BLACKPINK Rosé with Sulwhasoo Perfecting Lip Color! This is one of the best Korean lipsticks featuring non-sticky and water-based colors with the power of Korean ginseng, which is highly beneficial for your dry lips!

Best korean lipsticks 2024 for dry lips

LANEIGE Stained Glasstick

Last but not least, we have the Stained Glasstick from LANEIGE. Combining the trend of stained tint and lipstick, this product gives you that healthy, glossy look. And that is exactly what you’re looking for in Korean lipsticks for your dry lips.


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